The Story.

The original Machineous was founded in 2008 as a custom fabrication and R&D company, specializing in building the seemingly unbuildable. Machineous successfully adapted automotive NACHI robotic arms to be used for any CNC-type operation, beyond their traditional assembly-line use, successfully fabricating designs by architects including Zaha Hadid, Greg Lynn, Patrick Tighe and Clive Wilkinson.

The Evolution - Now, after many great projects, and many long days and nights of plasma cutting, milling and sanding, Machineous has become Machineous Consultants, with the goal of serving the architecture and design community in a way that maximizes the quality, purpose and value of each project.

Machineous Consulting offers an early and deeply integrated consultancy, spanning project development, engineering, fabrication and installation management - with the goal of achieving the perfect and beautiful in a way that makes the most financial and conceptual sense.

The Service

You have created the vision and the napkin sketch is done. That is when we want to start working with you. We believe you need us early in the process, when we can engage to develop the most efficient solutions.

In other words we want to "produce" the project. Our expertise in fabrication methods, materials and costs, applied early in the design development phase will help you realize your vision in a way that will be most valuable for you and your client.

We build the otherwise unbuildable; those elements of the design that are the most challenging to execute. When successfully built these are the elements that make a project truly successful, that give it a signature, an award- winning calibre and a deep appreciation by its owners and daily users.

1.Research and prototype/sample phase.

2.Signed and sealed engineering and calculations.

3.Managing all pre-installation fabrication and outsourcing

4.Installation management and quality control.

5.Walk through and punch list compliance.


The Completed Work

You will find that we have worked with pretty much every building material on this planet. Below is a series of impressions that will take you to many of the finished projects and behind the scenes.

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